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Sex has never been discussed more frankly and openly than it is today – look no further than a bestseller list dominated by the 50 Shades of Gray series.  Logo stays on trend with a live, no holds barred, late night relationship and sex advice show where viewers can interact with an unconventional panel of relationship experts (a former porn star, a psychic and a shrink) via phone, video chat and social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.  Set in front of a live studio audience, no topic is off limits as the group debates and offers honest, unfiltered and unvarnished advice on any question you may have been previously too timid to ask and some you can’t even imagine.  “That Sex Show” will be live on both coasts nightly, so viewers from any time zone can join in.  Additionally, “That Sex Show” will go live one more time each night with an online version of the show featuring questions and content that’s truly too hot for TV.  “That Sex Show” premieres Monday, February 4th with live broadcasts for both coasts at 11 PM every weeknight.



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